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Networking & Operations

SLS adds value to the Supply chain system of customers through the integrated network created in the North India.

SLS operates in Hub & spoke model, wherein, the transit hubs are placed in such a way that the mobilization of goods across cities are made swift.

The Hubs are technically designed for easy movement of vehicles, and multiple vehicles could be loaded/unloaded simultaneously for faster work.

Special Docks are being made for quick and safe unloading/loading of goods.

In-house labour is being used to provide round the clock services with safe handling of material.

Information Technology is necessity in today’s globalization. SLS has ensured to connect all its branches through software, 24*7 Internet connectivity, Computers, Security Cameras and trained staff working in hierarchy.

The above features ad value to the Supply chain and in-turn provide the maximum befits to customers.

The objectives are to provide:

Faster response and Turn - around time.
Process adherence.
State of art distribution network.
Clear & prompt Communication.

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